Application for Executive Board

We are looking for new members to join the executive board! We want to expand as we prepare for Year 20-21. Please apply here - by September 27.

Interviews will begin the week of October 5th.

Texas Blockchain has accomplished multiple projects in the past

1. Getting speakers that are experienced in Blockchain from Fabian Vogelstellar (co-founder ERC20 Ethereum to IBM, Dell EMC and more)

2. Running a Podcast and Newsletter that reaches to 270+ subscribers

3. Organizing large summit every year accomodating 150+ professionals

4. Run and manage the Basics of Blockchain program of UT

5. Send 2 TA's for a UT course in MIS of 1 credit

6. Hosting a casino night

New things we are planning to launch 2021

1. Organizing a career fair for blockchain

2. Having a hackathon

3. Launching our own Token

4. Starting our own Edx Course

5. Launch more programs of Education


Shalin Gadhavi, B.S., Computer Science, Department of Computer Science

The University of Texas at Austin | College of Natural Science

President, Texas Blockchain

Advisory Board Member, Mccombs Blockchain Initiative